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Graphic Design

I've worked as a professional graphic designer since 1999. I have experience across  a wide variety of sectors including the arts, fashion and lifestyle, healthcare and charity. I have also worked with many small businesses to create their branding and develop a cohesive design strategy and visual language.

In addition to my professional design career I have also lectured in graphic design - with a specialism in typography and editorial design - at colleges in Glasgow, Stirling and Falkirk, as well as hosting professional development courses for corporate clients.

If you’re after a powerful new logo, a stylish brochure or your own bespoke design project, I'm here to help. I have a wealth of experience in all forms of graphic design including (but not restricted to): branding and stationery design; brochures and leaflets; advertising; vehicle livery; editorial design and signage.


The goal of a brand is to make a company unique and recognisable, to project a desired image and create a clear and cohesive brand with a consistent tone of voice across all channels.

Graphic Design

Combining visual sensitivity with skill and knowledge in areas of communications, technology and business graphic design is a problem solving process, that requires substantial creativity, innovation and technical expertise.

Editorial Design

Editorial design is an exercise in combining technical detail with artistic flair, showing how the many elements of graphic design can come together in one place. 
I have a wealth of experience is designing books, magazines and annual reports.


There’s nothing worse than art for art’s sake, so advertising is all about engaging with audiences through a variety of mediums, whether that is print, outdoor, TV or online. I can help you by creating a variety of advertising - including as print ads, roller banners, tactical marketing and window graphics.

Art Direction

There is plenty of room for creativity and originality whilst working within brand guidelines. Art Direction involves creating briefs, planning people, locations and props that fit the creative, and working with the photographer to come up with the best solution.


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