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It's a funny old world at the moment...

Well, where do I start?! Firstly for apologising for never blogging, but thought now seems like a good time to start!

With the COVID-19 virus a global pandemic, many weddings and events cancelled and postponed and the shops selling out of loo roll it's like we're living in a dystopian film! I just wanted to write and wish everyone well, hope you're all staying safe and have the help and support you need.

With regards to wedding postponements, it's been truly heartbreaking to speak to so many couple who are having to reschedule, or wait in limbo to see if it'll all be ok. I've added some postponement graphics to my social media, and again here so please feel free to use and share. Also, if you've booked me for your stationery and have already sent out your invites and have to change your plans then I'm happy to do a digital announcement for you in the same style, free of charge.

It's business as usual at the moment for me here, as long as the printers and couriers are still operating. Even if that stops for a while, I can still work away behind the scenes, working for myself means that I tend to self isolate most of the time anyway.

Sending positive thoughts into the universe that we all gets back to normal soon. We'll get through this together!

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