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Build it and they’ll come, right?

Just want to start off by saying I HATE Field of Dreams! So I’m really not sure why I wrote that as a heading…

I’m keen to start writing a (fairly) regular blog, but I’ve been a bit stumped on what to write. But last night I was reminded again why I’m so over being approached constantly by ‘coaches’ who have no real qualifications, yet make blind promises about how their charges can make tons of money under their watchful eye. It makes me mad how people who are possibly struggling with their businesses can be sucked in by these unscrupulous people.

Now I’m not bashing all coaches, there are some real gems out there. Currently I’m part of a free programme, where I’ve been assigned a mentor who has been successful in several businesses, and is there to advise, listen, offer introductions and much more without looking for anything in return, except perhaps the odd coffee.

I just want to let people know that such programmes exist, so if you’re looking for help it is out there, and there a good chance it won’t cost you a month’s wages (or more).

I also have a wonderful group of women, who are effectively competitors, but who do nothing but champion each other, offer never ending support, and generally be there for each other. I hope every small business owner out there can find such a tribe to help and support them through the challenges that working for yourself can bring. It’s amazing being your own boss, but we do all need a little help at times.

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post from the woman I admire most in the world – Dolly Parton – and it was a lovely post about how as a little girl she never could have imagine performing on stage on at the Grand Ole Opry. Well, she did, and then some. She came from nothing, and is at the top of her game even now. I’m sure she’s always had her own close knit supporters around her, and I’d be very surprised if a woman astute as her wasted money on any of these so called coaches…

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